A garden evolves from the balanced composition of plantings, structures, walkways and decorative features, which, combined with color, scent, texture and form, deliver the aesthetics and functionality outlined in the design.

Site-specific characteristics, such as drainage, soil quality, gradient and orientation, can be harnessed to solve problem areas in an elegant fashion. A dry stream bed can double as a drainage area. A natural stone wall border can also serve as a retaining barrier.

The purposes your garden can serve are limited only by your imagination. You may choose to mirror the natural style of the adjoining countryside, entice local bird-life with rich color and water features, or serve your table from a productive fruit and vegetable garden.

In recognition of a garden’s sustainability and our environmental responsibility, Shoreline incorporates native and drought-tolerant plants throughout its designs. We keep water conservation and energy efficiency at the forefront when designing your outdoor living environment. Use Shoreline for a eco-friendly approach to landscape design.